10 Boozy Hot Chocolate Recipes to Keep You Toasty This Winter

10 Boozy Hot Chocolate Recipes to Keep You Toasty This Winter

13 Boozy Hot Chocolate Recipes

No matter how many hot cocoa recipes you try, let's face it: It's hard to screw up hot chocolate. As long as you have all your hot cocoa bar essentials in order, it doesn't take much to whip up a delicious chocolaty beverage. Know what can make hot cocoa even more fun? Booze! From the newest trend of adding red wine to Kahlua and more, there are plenty of liqueurs you can mix into your cuppa to make it for *adults only.* Here are 10 of our favorite boozy hot chocolate recipes to keep you totally toasty (and toasted) this winter.

Photo by Maddi Bazzocco on Unsplash

Cinnamon Hot Chocolate With Rum and Horchata

Rum and horchata — also known as RumChata — combines the kick of rum with the flavors of ground almonds, tiger nuts, sesame seeds and grains such as rice and barley. This winter, mix RumChata in with some hot chocolate and top with cinnamon and whipped cream. Score! (via Fashion Edible)

Red Wine Hot Chocolate

Yes, red wine hot chocolate is a thing, and we’re obsessed. Here’s a tip: Change out the varietal of wine you use in order to adjust the sweetness level of your cocoa. If you prefer a sweeter drink, go for a strawberry wine, and if you prefer something a little drier, add some shiraz or merlot. (via Wholefully)

Kahlua Hot Chocolate

This super simple recipe takes only 10 minutes to make, and it calls for ingredients you probably already have on hand at home. Hot cocoa mix, marshmallows, Kahlua, milk and sugar, to be exact. (via Damn Delicious)

Spiked and Spicy Hot Chocolate

Chocolate pairs well with spicy flavors. They bring out its nuttiness and add a little kick to its sweetness. This particular drink, which is topped with pillowy, fluffy marshmallows, is a case in point. (via A Cocktail Life)

Hot Chocolate del Diablo

Speaking of spicy hot chocolate, this concoction is called “del diablo” for a reason. We’re not messing around here: This bad boy calls for Patron Incendio tequila (yes, tequila!), which is infused with chocolate and chili peppers. Now THAT is hot. (via Broma Bakery)

Vegan Boozy Mexican Spiced Hot Chocolate

Chipotle and cayenne pepper add a bit of spice to this super yummy hot chocolate concoction. And, BONUS, it’s 100 percent vegan! Add coconut whip on top for a little extra oomph. (via Kara Lydon)

Stout Hot Chocolate With Ice Cream

If you prefer beer to liquor, this will be your go-to drink for the cooler months. Trust us. We recommend springing for a craft chocolate stout for the ultimate in flavor and quality. (via Floating Kitchen)

RumChata White Hot Chocolate

This recipe calls on the flavors of RumChata once again, this time in conjunction with white chocolate. Pro tip: When you’re heating this mixture, make sure not to let the milk boil. Keep it at a low simmer as you add your white chocolate, vanilla extract and, of course, your booze. (via Delish D’Lites)

Naughty Nice Hot Cocoa

This hot chocolate is spiked twice: There's Kahlua and hazelnut liquor in the cocoa itself and then the eggnog marshmallows have coconut rum. (via Half-Baked Harvest)

Orange Spiked Boozy Hot Chocolate

Grand Mariner adds a hint of orange without being enough to feel the alcohol. (via Salt and Lavender)

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