5 Must-Have Drinks for the Aggieville Experience


Auntie Mae's

Visit one of the oldest bars in Aggieville (celebrating 50 years this year) and order a tarantula shot! Auntie Mae's is known for its speakeasy vibe as the main bar is in the basement and is home to live music, art, culture, and weirdos!! If you're looking for a collective crowd and a unique drink to try, make sure to head to Auntie Mae's and ask for a tarantula shot. 🕷️ 🥃

So Long Saloon

So Long Saloon is home to the must-have drink, The Nancy. So Long Saloon joined the Aggieville business scene in 2001 and offers the newest must-have drink when visiting the 'Ville. The Nancy has become a fast favorite drink to order from both new and old patrons. If you're feeling adventurous try one of the two variations: Dirty Nancy (Nancy + shot of vodka) or Pirate Nancy (Nancy + shot of rum). Jolene's favorite is definitely the Pirate Nancy, arghhhh! ☠️ 🍹

O Malleys Alley

O'Malley's Alley, known as O'Malley's with the locals, is a classic Irish pub in Aggieville. Home of the Belfast Bomber and walls lined with money from previous patrons from near and far. Students, locals, and visitors come to partake in the local tradition of drinking a Belfast Bomber while spending their time in the 'Ville. Known for its laid-back and lowkey atmosphere. 💸 🍺

Rock A Belly's

Rock-A-Belly's joined the Aggieville business district in 1987, offering indoor and outdoor dining with eclectic diner decor. Notorious for their dangerously delicious summer beers, enjoyed no matter what the temperature is outside. If you're feeling adventurous again, try one of the many variations: pomegranate liqueur, peach schnapps, strawberry puree, or substitute with your beer of choice. Jolene's personal favorite is the strawberry summer beer! ☀️ 🍹


Fat's, Home of the Fishbowl, a unique drink that you can't get anywhere else. Whether you're drinking alone or with friends, this is a drink that is best served for the group to drink. A relaxed sports vibe atmosphere on the outskirts of Aggieville where you can play pool, darts, and other bar games. 🐠 🎱

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