Is Buying a Home Becoming More Affordable?

In recent times, the conversation around home affordability has been buzzing with concerns about the challenges faced by prospective buyers. While it's undeniable that affordability remains tight, there are encouraging signs indicating a gradual improvement in the market. Elijah de la Campa, a Senior Economist at Redfin, highlights this trend, suggesting that we're slowly emerging from an affordability crunch, with potential for further improvement in the coming months. 

Mortgage Rates

One of the critical factors influencing home affordability is mortgage rates. Despite experiencing volatility, mortgage rates have shown a slight decline from their peak in the previous year, with expectations of further decreases by the end of 2024. This dip in rates could potentially make homebuying more accessible, providing an incentive for buyers to enter the market. 

Home Prices

Another significant consideration for prospective buyers is home pries. While experts predict continued growth in home prices throughout the year, the pace is expected to be more sustainable compared to the rapid increases witnessed during the pandemic. With a larger inventory available, albeit still insufficient to meet demand, home prices are projected to rise at a more moderate rate, offering a favorable outlook for buyers. 


Rising wages contribute positively to affordability dynamics. Data from the Federal Reserve demonstrates an upward trajectory in wages, surpassing typical growth rates. This increase in income enhances buyers' purchasing power, as a higher income allows for a more comfortable allocation towards monthly mortgage payments. 

In Conclusion

When assessing these factors collectively, there's reason to be optimistic about the prospect of purchasing a home. Projections indicate a potential decrease in mortgage rates, coupled with a more sustainable growth rate in home prices and an uptick in wages. These trends bode well for individuals aspiring to enter the housing market, signaling a potential improvement in affordability conditions. 

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