Post Pandemic Predictions

According to Forbes;

  1. Buyers will upsize – especially those in smaller condos or city spaces who were cramped up during quarantine.
  2. Outdoor space and home offices are moving to the top of the “must have” lists – Having a great outdoor space is predicted to be in high demand, whether it’s a bigger yard, nice amenities like a pool / hot tub or a rooftop deck for people in the city.
  3. Construction prices will rise – When builders are ready to get back to work, it’s predicted that we can expect delays in the permitting process and increased costs as the supply chain recovers.
  4. The demand for touchless technology is predicted to increase – remote access for locks and thermostats will become standard
  5. Boutique buildings and townhouses will increase in popularity over large developments to eliminate issues of shared spaces such as elevators and gyms.

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