Proud Sponsor of Be Able Community Pickleball Tournament

We are honored & excited to be a sponsor for the 2nd Annual Be Able Community Pickleball Tournament on February 24, 2024 from 8 AM - 5 PM at Anthony Rec Center!! It is $40 for one division / $60 for two divisions & get yourself a free t-shirt if you register by February 1. 

Each person participating will need to complete the online registration. During the registration, you will need to identify your partner. Each person may participate in up to 2 divisions. 

Click here to register!

What To Expect:

There are 7 divisions planned. Divisions will be formed by women's doubles, mixed doubles, men's doubles and open (age 60+ men, women or mixed), as well as skill level. Matches will have standard "side out" scoring to 11 points, win by one point. Score will be kept and reported by the teams playing. If time becomes an issue, then rally scoring may be needed. 

Each team will play 4 matches in division pool play. The cumulative scores from pool play will determine seeding for a single elimination bracket. Pool play matches will likely be played with 3 pickleball courts on each basketball court. 

For more information & questions visit the Be Able Community website here!

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