The Importance of Access When Selling Your House

Are you gearing up to sell your house this spring? One of the early conversations you'll have with your real estate agent is about how much access you want to give potential buyers. You may not realize just how crucial it is to make your house easy to tour, especially during the peak homebuying season. Learn why access is important when selling your home and explore some options to maximize buyer activity. 

Why Access Matters

Spring is the peak homebuying season, meaning there's increased buyer activity during this time. By opening up your house to as many showings as possible, you can capitalize on this heightened interest and attract more potential buyers. When buyers see your home and fall in love with it, especially knowing they're competing with others, you're more likely to receive the offers you desire. 

While accommodating showings may disrupt your schedule and require extra effort to keep your home clean, it's worth it in the long run. As Investopedia points out, maintaining a clean and tidy home for each showing is essential because buyers won't know or care if it was clean last week. 

Options for Providing Access

To determine the best access option for your situation, your agent will discuss various possibilities with you. Here's a breakdown of the options, ranging from most convenient for buyers to least:

Lockbox on the Door: This option provides the most flexibility as a key is readily available via a lockbox, making it convenient for agents to show the home to potential buyers. 

Providing a Key to the Home: While still convenient, this option requires agents to pick up the key from an office before showing the home. 

Open Access with a Phone Call: Allowing showings with just a phone call's notice can be appealing to buyers who spot your house while driving by. 

By Appointment Only: This option gives you more advanced warning to prepare your home but is slightly more restrictive. 

Limited Access: If you prefer specific days or times for showings, this option may be suitable, but it's the most difficult and least flexible. 

Benefits of Flexible Access

Buyers prefer to see homes on their schedule, often in the evenings and weekends. Providing easy access with little or no notice increases the chances of attracting more prospective buyers. Conversely, requiring 24 hours' notice may deter some buyers from considering your home altogether. 

Exploring Alternative Options

If you're hesitant about granting physical access to your home or have out-of-town buyers, your agent can explore alternative options such as video tours and virtual showings. These alternatives allow buyers to experience your home remotely, expanding your reach and attracting a broader audience. 

In Conclusion

When selling your house, maximizing buyer activity is crucial for achieving your desired outcome. By providing easy access and flexibility for showings, you increase the likelihood of attracting more potential buyers and securing the best offer for your home. 

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